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Quality policy

The activities that INKO21 considers to be in accordance with the quality required by the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 are:

Marketing of mechanical components, assemblies and subassemblies.

Marketing of fine boiler parts and assemblies.

The activities that INKO21 considers to be in accordance with the quality required by the International Standard ISO 13485: 2016 are:

Marketing of mechanical components and assemblies for the biomedical and health industrial sector

Our Quality Policy, aimed at being an outsourcing solution for our clients, is based on the following guidelines:

1. Commitment to meet the demands, requirements and expectations of our customers, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.
2. Broad expertise and knowledge. The know-how acquired for more than 30 years in the industry is for our customers of highest value.
3. Careful selection of specialized companies which make up a wide network of national and international collaborators to be able to give the right answer to each customer.
4. Fluid and continuous communication with our customers and collaborators.
5. Creation of alliances with other companies.
6. Diversification of customers and sectors.
7. Technical collaboration with both clients and collaborators.
8. Commitment to the continuous improvement of the management process of the company.
9. Encourage and maintain a motivating environment for all members of the company.
10. Willingness to learn and take on new challenges.

The Board of Management of INKO21 makes this Policy accessible and makes it available to its customers, workers, suppliers and other interested parties.

This Policy is regularly updated, in tune with the revisions of the system by the Management Board, with the intention of coping for changes in environmental conditions and information received. In this sense, the Management Board provides and shall provide all the necessary human, technical and economic means to achieve the objectives and goals that are established on a scheduled and periodic basis.

Management Board



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