Machining parts and assemblies

CNC-machined parts and 3D-printed parts in a large material selection

We are experts in high quality machined components at a competitive price in all types of materials. The components are manufactured according to the specifications on the customer’s drawing, either for prototypes or serial parts.

More than 200 carefully selected European partners cover a wide machinery park. In this way, INKO21 selects for the client the best prepared partner to produce at the best price and with the most demanding quality standard.

Experience gained over more than 30 years in the industrial sector allows us to offer advice on processes and materials. This makes INKO21 an unbelievably valuable aid when it comes to deciding on the most suitable plan or material, since this leads to cost efficiency.

INKO21 can supply not only products made with traditional machining techniques, but also 3D- printing in a broad array of materials.