Did you know we are members of Catalonia Bio and Health Tech?

Since June 2021 INKO21 has been part of this cluster that brings together more than 180 companies and development and innovation centers in the biomedicine and health sector in Catalonia.

Catalonia Bio and Health Tech aims at supporting companies of this sector and helps them in the development and creation of products that improve people’s health.

For INKO21 it is a very motivating opportunity, since the synergies that arise between companies (whether they are start-ups that develop products, service companies or research centers) are really interesting.

The fact that our company is ISO 13485-2016 certified for the supply of precision machining and assemblies for the biomedical industry, makes us a trustful partner for all engineering companies and manufacturers in the biomedical sector that need parts for their industrial procedures.

Catalonia Bio and Heath Tech connects us to other companies in the sector and allows us all to create a network to collaborate in the adventure of innovation and progress related to health.