We supply a wide range of machining and welding parts.

30 years of experience make it possible for us to provide our clients the optimum solution for every product.

Such 30-year-expertise acquired in the manufacturing of mechanical parts in computerized lathes and machining centres are of undisputed worth to our clients. Moreover, it allows us to select the better equipped collaborators for every single product and, in some situations, even give assessment in relation to raw materials or procedures, in order to reach the best quality/price for the client.

A methodology that defines us


We have a wide net of national and international collaborators.

Such carefully selected group of companies makes us best placed to be able to offer a wide and powerful service in the manufacturing of machining and welding parts. Hence, we can meet the needs of every single client.

A close and personalized treatment in the traceability of production, logistics and the quality standards that INKO21 demands in each process, are full guarantee of an efficient and competitive service.

An outsourcing solution for your company


We supply a broad range of components; from very tiny products in size (some of high precision) to large metal structures. The hiring of our services saves time and effort to our clients, who find in us the perfect partner for purchase management. This means a cost-cutting for companies.

Our wide choice of suppliers engage in the production of every component with the most suitable technological machinery, which enables every manufacturer to obtain optimum times of production, and so, a very competitive price for quality guaranteed products.

Being our collaborators so diverse, INKO21 is in a position to give the swift and efficient service that we all wish in our commercial dealings.

INKO21 provides direct and technically qualified attention, which optimizes time to solve any request from our clients.


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