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About INKO21

How did it start?

INKO21 was created in 2017 with the same intention that drives us today: to supply high-quality industrial products with our best service.

The initial idea is to make the purchasing task (machining, 3D parts, assemblies, and turnkey projects) much easier to engineering companies and machinery manufacturers.

The promoters of the idea, with more than 30-year expertise in the industrial world (CNC machining processes), have the technical know-how to carefully select the best qualified collaborators for each project.

INKO21 becomes at this point, the ONE-STOP-SHOP for first-line companies, choosing for them the best partners from among more than 200. Such a wide range of collaborators allows us to cover all the needs of our customers and guarantee the best quality at a reasonable price. We save companies time, money, and effort.

And most important, with personalized and agile service.


It is well known that on the way, opportunities and synergies between companies may come up. The INKO21 team has attracted the attention of some brands that have valued the service and commercial potential of our company.

In this way, INKO21 values ​​the possibility of incorporating into its catalogue, industrial products of prestigious brands worldwide that want to boost their sales in certain areas or establish themselves in some markets (both nationally and internationally).


INKO21 continues to strengthen this commercial line. By 2022 it is considered as a realistic and efficient commercial support to industrial brands that want to consolidate or expand their market.


Currently, new brands trust us to boost their sales, obtain greater benefits and better market position.

We support continuous training to enhance and promote the industrial products we distribute. We regularly analyse results to improve commercial action, driven by the same motto as always: to offer quality and a very good service.

“When two forces come together, their effectiveness doubles” Isaac Newton

Why choose INKO21?

We offer quality and personalized service

We know about industry, and we give great importance to it

We strive to improve every day

We want to be the partner you trust that provides you solutions


No success can be achieved alone. There is always a team behind it.

Rosa Pagès


Lluís Lloveras


Zoe Peters


Alba Gorina


Heidi Wangen


Arnau Linares




We have great respect for the needs of our clients, and we put all our energy into finding solutions that make a difference.

Our aim is to build a long commercial relationship with our partners and clients


At INKO21 we believe everyone can contribute with interesting ideas and solutions. Sharing them moves us forward, stimulates creativity and increases motivation. We know that only together we will achieve better results and we will feel proud to belong to the team.


To promote personal and professional growth, INKO21 offers its team continuous training programs and teambuilding events.


We strongly believe that cultural diversity in a team is a key element since it broadens our vision of the world. At INKO21 you will find professionals from diverse nationalities, with different cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Flexible schedule

Time flexibility makes the balance between personal and professional duties much easier. The use of digital tools and smartworking allows us to work autonomously from anywhere at any time. We believe that such freedom creates a pleasant working environment and contributes to our well-being.


We care about environment, so we try to recycle and reduce waste as much as we can.

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