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About INKO21


How did it start?

INKO21 is the outcome of an existing demand in the industrial market. We realized the need for many companies to simplify the purchasing management of manufactured parts. Getting the best price and quality means a lot of time selecting and comparing suppliers.

What do we do?

We work together with manufacturers and engineering companies to make access to quality technical products at a fair price much easier and we give them a totally personalized service. We become your UNIQUE INTERLOCUTOR and we choose the best qualified collaborator for each project in particular; we monitor the manufacturing process and take care of logistics.

We offer a wide variety of products for the most demanding industrial sectors: traditional machining and 3D printing parts, fine boiler making, assemblies, electrical equipment, hydraulic equipment and much more.


Why work with INKO21?

  • Because we know what we are talking about. The technical know-how acquired for more than 30 years in the manufacturing of mechanical parts in CNC machining, milling and turning are an indisputable help for our customers. It also allows us to select with criteria the best prepared collaborators for each product and advise in relation to raw materials or processes, with the aim of obtaining the optimal product for the client.

  • Because we have a qualified international team that make things easy for you, who put all their energy and enthusiasm into your project. You will see the advantages of having an interlocutor who offers you both personalized attention and efficient solutions.

  • Because we have carefully selected more than 200 European collaborators. This extensive network of manufacturers allows us to cater for all our customers’ needs and we select the partner that can best optimize the manufacturing process to get the best quality-price for you.

  • Because we are your ONE-STOP SHOP. From tiny products (some high precision ones) to large structures and turnkey products; we can offer a part or an assembly and from request to delivery of a part or an entire assembly. And, in addition, you can check the status of your order online.

  • Because you save time, effort and money that you can devote to other areas of your company.

Best quality-price


Cost and time saving


Efficient service


Personalised attention


No success can be achieved alone. There is always a team behind it.

Rosa Pagès


Lluís Lloveras

Technical Manager

Zoe Peters

Quality Manager

Jordi Agell

Sales Manager

Alba Gorina

Commercial dept.

Heidi Wangen

Commercial dept.

Arnau Linares




We have great respect for the needs of our clients, and we put all our energy into finding solutions that make a difference.

Our aim is to build a long commercial relationship with our partners and clients


At INKO21 we believe everyone can contribute with interesting ideas and solutions. Sharing them moves us forward, stimulates creativity and increases motivation. We know that only together we will achieve better results and we will feel proud to belong to the team.


To promote personal and professional growth, INKO21 offers its team continuous training programs and teambuilding events.


We strongly believe that cultural diversity in a team is a key element since it broadens our vision of the world. At INKO21 you will find professionals from diverse nationalities, with different cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Flexible schedule

Time flexibility makes the balance between personal and professional duties much easier. The use of digital tools and smartworking allows us to work autonomously from anywhere at any time. We believe that such freedom creates a pleasant working environment and contributes to our well-being.


We care about environment, so we try to recycle and reduce waste as much as we can.

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