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INKO21 boosts your sales: commercial outsourcing

In addition to offering industrial outsourcing supplying precision machining and tools to the most demanding engineering companies and machinery manufacturers, INKO21 offers a commercial outsourcing solution that is proving very successful.

It is a commercial alternative for many small and medium-sized companies that want to expand their market and boost sales. Our presence and experience in international markets and a qualified team allow us to act as a customized commercial department or commercial hub.

This means that we can adapt to a client’s expansion whether he needs to consolidate or improve sales in a sector, country or continent, dive into a new market…

We know that maintaining a qualified and cohesive international sales department is very expensive and not easy. With INKO21 the costs are only linked to sales, guaranteeing the sustainability of the commercial department of the company. The client does not have a fixed cost, but a variable one.

With this system, our client has shared online access and can always consult the commercial actions that are being carried out.

Without a doubt, a formula that is already getting very positive results.

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