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INKO21 at the CataloniaBIO & Health Tech Assembly

Last February we attended the General Assembly of members of CataloniaBIO & Health Tech, a cluster of more than 180 companies related to the Catalan biotechnology sector. During the session, the management report for 2021 was presented and the action plan and budget for 2022 were explained, the new members were introduced, and the winning candidates of the electoral process were introduced.

Lluís Lloveras, Technical Manager of INKO21, made a brief presentation of our company’s activity to the audience, as a new 2021 member of the organisation. The partners highly valued to have an industrial partner in the group (INKO21 as a supplier of precision machining for the biomedical sector, among others) because many companies in the biomedical sector are in need of this type of company to carry out many of the innovation projects.

This cluster, which brings together more than 180 companies related to the Catalan biotechnology sector, renewed its board of directors on Thursday 24. Joan Puig, general director of KYMOS and Mariona Serra, director of GOODGUT (a company belonging to HIPRA group) will lead this business organization for the next four years.


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