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INKO21 could not miss AMB-STUTTGART, a must trade fair which is held every two years in Stuttgart, Germany.

The AMB is among the 5 most important exhibitions in the Metal Working sector and presents the latest developments in the field of metal cutting machine tools and precision tools. The event attracts more than 1,400 exhibitors and more than 90,000 visitors from around the world and has become one of the most important events on the industry calendar.

For INKO21 this fair has been very interesting, as a company that offers industrial outsourcing (supply of precision machining) and commercial outsourcing -specially to boost the export sales of Selter, a specialist in magnetic systems.

Leading global firms in the metal sector met in Stuttgart and we had the opportunity to greet some of our collaborators in an atmosphere of satisfaction and normality after a forced period of virtual contacts.

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