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INKO21 stands for personalized quality service. We monitor the projects, control the process, find solutions…They are key points for good commercial management.

So we can be a good help in the distribution of your products.

Why can we help?

What is the result?

By trusting INKO21 your product reaches out to more customers because our service makes the difference


Haacon Hebetechnik Gmbh is a German engineering company with extensive knowledge in many specialized fields of mechanical and electromechanical lifting technology.

Drop Point Systems is a highly qualified Spanish company that designs and manufactures
customized smart lockers.

Selter is a Spanish company specialised in the design and manufacturing of magnetic systems for industry. Highest quality in standard products and special ones.

Boost your business with us!

It you would like INKO21 to be your distributor, please contact us!

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