INKO21 engages in a new project of collaboration with Ambiensys, a company specialising in solutions for waste processing

Ambiensys has reached an agreement with DELTA Environment Consortium for the construction of a waste treatment plant in Allaghen (Algeria). In this plant the waste will be separated into valuable by-products, achieving two goals at the same time: reducing the environmental impact and contributing to the economic development of the area.

Because of the huge impact of this project on its area and the high technological level it requires, such collaboration becomes a fascinating challenge for INKO21.

OPSIS Vision Technologies

INKO21 has signed a representation agreement with the company OPSIS Vision Technologies. OPSIS is a company integrated by a team of experts in three-dimensional artificial vision.

The future of quality control is closely linked to this new technology, which allows a visual and dimensional control of 100% of the products during the manufacturing process.

OPSIS is able to offer from the design and necessary optical equipment to the integration of the vision in the production environment.

INKO21 opens a new path of collaboration in accordance with its commitment to future technologies and in its wish to always offer quality products and process improvement to its customers.

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