INKO21 has reached an agreement with the German company HAACON on the distribution of its products for Spain.

HAACON manufactures mechanical and electromechanical industrial lifting systems and has partners in five continents.

Our new commitment to the commercialization of high-quality products.

See all Haakon products here


INKO21 has delivered two new ground support tools (GSE) for the aeronautical company Airbus.

This tooling model has the function of supporting the lower part of the wings of the aircraft A-350 for maintenance tasks and it demands the highest quality and control requirements (FAI).

Protection during logistics is also of utmost importance. Each tool is delivered in a custom-made box.

The project has been validated after assembly by the customer, and then shipped to Germany.


Among the activities aimed at strengthening our team and sharing ideas and reflections on our company, Alfons Cornella spoke to us about technological innovation and future trends.

Alfons Cornella pointed out 4 assets on which companies should base their activity (sensors, equipment, ecosystems and technology) and introduced us to concepts such as servitization, cocreation, start-up orbitals or value combination.

The talk was followed by a lunch where, Alfons Cornella very kindly continued sharing interesting ideas that will definitely have a positive influence on the future of INKO21.

Alfons Cornella is the founder of Infonomia, Co-Society and Institute of Next, has published more than 30 books and over 1000 articles on science, technology and innovation, has taught postgraduate courses at Pompeu Fabra University and is a consultant to some of the major companies in our country.

Participation in the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE 2020 webinar

INKO21 has participated in the first digital event GLOBAL INDUSTRIE CONNECT 2020, one of the main meeting-points of the industrial world.

Each company had 4 minutes to introduce themselves and Zoe Peters, Quality Manager at INKO21, summed up very clearly during this time, all the advantages of having INKO21 as a supplier. She pointed out how purchasing management is simplified by having INKO21 as the main interlocutor.