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4 new companies with INKO21

With the intention of being able to offer a wider range of high-quality industrial products, INKO21 is agent for four new companies: COMPOXI, CONCEPT ADVICE, PLASTECCA and BCNVISION.
INKO21 offers solutions in composites, composite materials such as carbon fiber, widely used in the space and aeronautics markets thanks to its cooperation with COMPOXI.
CONCEPT ADVICE, an engineering company of plastic parts, is a perfect partner in improving the design and simulation of the injection process for the construction of molds.
For solutions in thermoplastics we can count on PLASTECCA, which has the most advanced structure and technology on the market with fully automated processes.
The collaboration with BCNVISION allows us to offer tools of artificial vision and reading of bar codes for quality control and automated production: a process control that leads to the improvement of productivity and competitiveness.

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