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Training in Haacon lifting systems in Germany

This week we enjoyed a few days of training at Haacon, a manufacturer of high-quality lifting systems, which INKO21 distributes. During the training, we had the opportunity to get to know more closely its managers and technicians, as well as some aspects of the management of such a prestigious company.

Haacon is located in Freudenberg, 90 kilometers southeast of Frankfurt, and is a major driver of the economy in its region. All in all, the Freudenberg and Grossenheubag manufacturing plants, the company has 100 employees and 14,500 m2 of facilities.

Haacon’s three business areas – industrial lifting technology, industrial vehicle technology and lifting systems – operate separately with their own facilities and use a common infrastructure.

The origins of the company date back to 1872, when the brothers Josef and Ludwig Haamann from Freudenberg founded a mechanical workshop for the manufacturing of lifting jacks in their locality. Nowadays, Mr Thomas Lotz, owner of Haacon Hebetechnik GmbH, runs the company, which has become a world leader in mechanical and electromechanical lifting systems.

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