INKO21: ISO9001:15 certified

The commitment to continuous improvement is the work spirit of INKO21 team. Motivation, responsibility and efficiency allow us to evolve and innovate in this process. We have recently obtained the quality certificate in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001: 2015 standard and we set ourselves new challenges every day with the aim of becoming […]

INKO21 supports sport

Our company is already a new sponsor of the UE Fontcoberta club, a football team made up of young people from the area. For INKO21, collaborating with this team is a way to promote the practice of sport, which we consider a healthy habit and a perfect space to develop positive dynamics, such as teamwork.

INKO21 engages in a new project of collaboration with Ambiensys, a company specialising in solutions for waste processing

Ambiensys has reached an agreement with DELTA Environment Consortium for the construction of a waste treatment plant in Allaghen (Algeria). In this plant the waste will be separated into valuable by-products, achieving two goals at the same time: reducing the environmental impact and contributing to the economic development of the area. Because of the huge […]