demagnetizers, magnetic chucks, electropermanent magnetic chucks, lifting magnets and photo of Selter and INKO21,

INKO21 becomes the commercial Hub of SELTER

SELTER, a specialist in the design and manufacture of magnetic applications for industry, relies on INKO21 to increase its sales.

Thus, we become its international commercial department, offering a very personalized, agile and practical service. Following a thorough market survey and business plan, SELTER becomes part of the brands that INKO21 offers, always betting on quality.

SELTER began in 1956 manufacturing magnetic chucks and later expanded its range with other magnetic and electromagnetic systems. Exports began in 1969 and have been increasing, being present today in all continents.

In addition to standard products, SELTER designs and manufactures customized magnetic systems, adapting to any requirement of the most demanding clients and sectors.

Quality and SELTER go hand in hand. For this reason, at INKO21 we are very satisfied and grateful to undertake a new commercial project with such a prestigious and consolidated brand.